AngieShred is a locally owned and operated business serving the Troy and the Miami County Area. We understand the importance of confidential and sensitive information that is printed on paper every day. We also understand how crucial it is to completely destroy and dispose of those document in a secure and safe manner. This is why AngieShred provides a wide range of shredding services to best accommodate your business needs:
On-site shredding
Drop Off
Once the documents have been obtained and shredded, we then process the material to our recycle facility.  All service plans are secure, confidential and provide a Certificate of Destruction.

Reaching Out: Our Mission

In addtion to optimal shredding services, we reach out to others.

AngieShred will provide persons with disabilities work opportunities outside of the traditional jobs; AngieShred will provide seniors an opportunity to continue using their years of experience and expertise after retirement; AngieShred will provide the company owner a business where she is free to “carve out” those jobs she has the skills to do while building a career that will allow her to live financially independently.

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