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Service plans are personal and individualized, designed to meet the customers' destruction needs in a way that also fits their financial needs. We offer choices, reaching out to smaller businesses, in-home businesses, and individuals concerned with destroying their financial, medical, and other personal information in a secure yet cost-effective way.

Shredding Plans

On-Site Shredding

We come to your facility!

On-site shredding offers convenience. Bringing the service to the customer where they witness the entire destruction process, and removing the destroyed material from their premises, is the most convenient and time-saving process available to our customer. Our completely self-contained mobile shredding truck will shred your documents at your place. Everything stays on the truck and doesn't interfere with your daily operations.


We pick up and shred at our Facility

Pick-Up-N-Go shredding is a more economical way to have company documents destroyed in a secure manner. Large jobs and bulk materials are more economical and less time consuming with off-site shredding. We will pick up records at your site, and transport them to our secure warehouse facility where they are shredded under strictly controlled conditions. Material never leaves the locked truck. We guarantee the same secure, confidential service as on-site shredding. A Certificate of Destruction is issued after shredding is complete.

Drop Off

Drop off your material for secure shredding and disposal

Drop off shredding is the most cost-effective way for secure destruction. We can offer our lowest rate to those customers with the means to bring their materials to our facility. Customers may pre-arrange a drop off time, bring the material to the AngieShred warehouse, and watch as it's shredded or leave it for shredding at a later time. A Certificate of Destruction is issued after shredding is complete.

Scheduled Shredding Service

Let us take care of all your shredding needs!

Our Scheduled Service is specifically designed to manage the destruction of regularly generated confidential information. Locked security consoles are placed free of charge throughout your location, and your company’s staff members deposit sensitive documents into the consoles whenever needed. Security is guaranteed from the moment the materials are inserted. A regular destruction schedule is generated based on the volume of material you need destroyed—no need for you to monitor the consoles or request services. Like clockwork, our uniformed, security-screened Route Manager and Assistant arrive at your location to empty the contents of your consoles. Total security could not be easier.

Purges - Call-In Shredding Service

We also shred upon request

Whether you have old tax records or client files to destroy, or whether you are relocating, spring cleaning or have simply accumulated volumes of confidential material, this service is for you. Call us at your convenience and relax as our security-screened Route Manager and Assistant dispose of your sensitive materials—securely, conveniently and cost effectively

Secured Containers

Offering a wide selection of secured containers

We have the right size(s) for your business' needs!

If you are not sure what size your office needs, let us help you! We will accommodate your business with our durable and secured containers with the size according to your business needs. 

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